Always at the forefront of technology in professional refrigeration, Orion is the reference point in the production of display cabinets for ice cream and pastry.


Damir Horeca Concepts France is the official importer of Orion and 24Ore products in France.

More customer service

All our customers appreciate unparalleled customer service in all our sectors of activity; from shop window maintenance to leading customer service. We strive to ensure that we improve our quality standards that have made us favorites all over the world.

Track & trace IT support system the shortest response times on the market
We are proud to offer our expertise in the display and display market in the hotel and catering industry in general. At Orion and Damir Horeca Concepts, we are always looking for innovation, new freezing technology, reduced energy consumption and environmental impact, design for ease of use and impact visual at the point of purchase.


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